Boston, Massachusetts. Boston Seaman’s Friend Society. Records, 1827-1973

Records, 1827-1973

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Deposited by the Seaman's Friend Society, January 1988
Processed September 1993 by Barbara Austen




The Boston Seaman's Friend Society, founded in 1827, continues its mission today to minister to the physical, social, and religious needs of sailors. It operates two "bethels," one in Boston and one in Vineyard Haven, Mass. The records of the organization were deposited at the Congregational Library on permanent loan on January 8, 1988.


Scope and Content Note

The records of the Boston Seaman's Friend society consist primarily of minutes of executive committee and annual , semi-annual, and special meetings dating from 1827-1961. The later volumes, which were removed from three-ring binders for preservation, are called clerk's records. In addition to minutes, these volumes also contain some correspondence, meeting announcements, and financial reports. They are arranged chronologically in Series A. Volumes are noted as such. Folders are numbered without noting “Folder.”

Series B consists of printed annual reports, 1849-1863, and a collection of financial, secretary's and committee reports, 1940-1951. The latter materials were removed from a binder for preservation.

Publications of the Society constitute Series C. Two copies of the One Hundredth Anniversary edition of the newsletter Sea Breeze, (1927) and bound copies of the bulletin, dating from 1888-1973, are arranged chronologically.

Series D consists of scrapbooks created between 1895 and 1958. The contents include newspaper clippings, and brochures, programs, and other material published by the Society. Loose clippings and papers the last four volumes were removed, and the clipping photocopied on alkaline paper.

All five volumes are available on microfilm, and researchers should use these copies rather than the originals, due to the latter's fragility.

The final series in this collection encompasses a selection of printing plates used in the publication of Sea Breeze. The majority are identified and include some notation as to when they were published.


Box List

Box 1
Series A. Minutes, 1827-1961
  Volume 1. 1827-1851
    Folder 1. Letter, 1844
  Volume 2. 1851-1895
    Folder 2. Items removed from volume 2 (page dated May 29, 1888)
  Volume 3. 1896-1908
    Folder 3. Items removed from volume 3 (inside front cover)
Box 2
  Volume 4. 1908-1922
    Folder 4. Items removed from volume 4
    Folder 5. Minutes, announcements, 1919-1931
    Folder 6. Loose minutes, correspondence, 1851-1860 (gaps), 1925-1927
Box 3
    Folder 7. Minutes, financial reports, announcements, correspondence, 1926-1940
    Folder 8. Clerk's record book, 1932-1947
Box 4
    Folder 9. Clerk's records, 1947-1954
    Folder 10. Minutes, financial reports, 1954-1961
Series B. Reports, 1849-1863, 1940-1951
  Volume 1. Annual reports, 1849-1863
    Folder 1. Financial, committee and secretary's reports, 1940~1951
Box 5
Series C. Publications, 1888~1973
  Volume 1. One Hundredth Anniversary, 1827-1927 (2 copies)
  Volume 2. Sea Breeze, 1888-1897; February 1893, 1897-1904 1904-1911
    Folder 1. Sea Breeze, February 1893
  Volume 3. Sea Breeze, 1897-1904
  Volume 4. Sea Breeze, 1904-1911
Box 6
  Volume 5. Sea Breeze, 1911-1918
  Volume 6. Sea Breeze, 1918-1927
  Volume 7. Sea Breeze, 1927-1936
bound volumes
  Volume 8. Sea Breeze, 1946-1955
  Volume 9. Sea Breeze, 1956-1961
  Volume 10. Sea Breeze, 1962-1967
  Volume 11. Sea Breeze, 1968-1973
Box 7
Series D. Scrapbooks, 1895-1958
  Volume 1. 1895-1916
Box 8
  Volume 2. 1856, 1915-1953
  Volume 3. 1949-1958
Box 9
  Volume 4. 1903-1904, 1941-1951
  Volume 5. 1904-1906, 1926-1951
Boxes 10 & 11
Series E. Printing Plates, 1926-1955
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