Congregational Christian Historical Society. Records, 1948,1953-2008

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Congregational Christian Historical Society records


Congregational Christian Historical Society (Boston, Mass.)


1948, 1953-2008


10 boxes, 4 linear feet

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RG 1187

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[Identification of item], in the Congregational Christian Historical Society records, RG 1187. The Congregational Library and Archive, Boston, MA.



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Processed by Jessica Steytler, June 2005

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History and Structure

Frederick L. Fagley, who in 1922 had become the secretary of the Commission on Evangelism and Devotional Life and Associate Secretary of the National Council of Congregational Christian Churches, and who in 1949 had retired as Associate Minister and Secretary of the General Council, was the Society's first Executive Secretary. The first permanent office of the Society was at denominational headquarters in New York City. After Fagley's death in 1959, the office was moved to 14 Beacon Street ("Congregational House") in Boston and even eventually settled within the Congregational Library at that address.

In 2007-2008, the Historical Society and the American Congregational Association started the process of folding the Society’s activities into the Congregational Library’s. The reasoning behind this was that because all of the work was done by Library staff, that it would be more realistic to not have an artificial divide between the two organizations.


Mission Statement

The fourfold purpose of the Society is set forth in its Articles of Organization/Incorporation under the date of March 1, 1978, viz.:

  1. "To cultivate a deeper interest in the history of the Congregational Christian Churches in all aspects, and to develop a greater awareness of the importance of the Congregational, Christian, and Congregational Christian recorded history as a source of information and inspiration, an as a basis for future action.
  2. "To encourage and to participate in the creation, preservation and correlation of records, the scholarly use of historical materials and the production of historical works.
  3. "To promote the observance of anniversaries and other occasions of historical interest, and the preservation of monuments, historical sites an other materials.
  4. "To work in cooperation with the relevant instrumentalities of the United Church of Christ, of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches, of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, with the Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society, and with any other organization now or hereafter existing sharing its purposes and objectives."


Scope and Content

Series 1:  Board of Directors 1953-  is in chronological order and includes annual meetings, executive committee meetings and treasurer's reports given during those meetings. There is frequently correspondence from administrators included.
  Sub-Series A: Correspondence
  Sub-Series B: Committees - Membership - External organizations
Series 2: Activities, Events, Services
    Essays, Articles, 1948-. Removed to be a separate collection
Series 3: Newsletter and Photographs
Series 4: Financial


Box and Folder List

Series 1 - Board of Directors

Box 1
  1   Acts of Incorporation, 4 copies 1969
  2   Constitution (s) 1950s
  3   Founding Documents - Committee on Denominational History, General Council 1949-1952
  4   Formation 1952-1959
  5   Organizing Meeting 1952
  6-9   Annual Meetings, Treasurer Reports 1953-1977
Box 2
  1   Annual Meetings, Treasurer Reports 1970-1977
  2-4   Executive Committee 1955-1977
  5   Annual Meetings, Treasurer Reports, Executive Committee - related correspondence 1978-1980
Box 3 1981-1989
Box 4 1990-1999
Box 5 2000-2006
  Sub-Series A: Correspondence - Alphabetically listed
      Atkins, Gaius Glenn - Correspondence, image, articles, memorial 1953, 1961-1977
      Danby, Vaughan - telegram about, memorial of 1964; 1973
      Deems, Mervin M. Correspondence 1971
      Edwards, Robert L. Correspondence 1995, 1997
      English, James F. Correspondence, image, articles, memorial 1953, 1961-1977
  (2 folders)   Fagley, Frederick. Correspondence, articles, memorial 1956-1966
      Guptill, Nathanael. Correspondence, Memorial 1990-1991; 1997; 2007
      Haddix, James L. Correspondence 1984-1991
Box 6
  (2)   Haddix, James L. Correspondence 1992; 1993-1999
      Hambrick-Stowe, Charles. Correspondence, CV. 1989, 2000-2001
      Horton, Douglas. Correspondence 1950s-1960s
      Knight, Dennis R. Correspondence 1988-2001
      Merrill, Charles 1940s-1960s
  (3)   Taylor, Richard H. Articles and Correspondence 1972-1998
      Wilson, Arthur E. Memorial 1996
      Worthley, Harold Field. Biographical, articles by/about 1960s-1970s
  Sub-Series B: Committees - Membership - External organizations
      Membership - lifetime members 1988-1990
      Nominating Committee 1992, 1997-2005
    External Organizations  
      Christian Churches 1952-1965
      Evangelical & Reformed Historical Society: by/about  
      United Church of Christ Historical Commission 1964-1975
      United Church of Christ Historical Council, activities 1975, 1995, 1998
Box 7

Series 2 - Society Activities, Events, Services

  (2)   Cambridge Synod Celebration, Correspondence 1948
      10th and 25th Anniversaries CCHS 1962, 1977
      Cambridge Platform Anniversary 1998
      Church activities, general 1980s, 2002, 2003
      Church activities, schedules for large churches 1980s-2000
      Church activities, schedules for small churches 1994-2004
Box 8
      Outreach - handouts, examples Bulk - 1990s
      Outreach - History/about CCHS  
      Church Anniversary Prep - Examples of music  
      Church Anniversary Prep - Fashion, art  
      Church Anniversary Prep - Preliminary surveys, suggestions  
      Church Anniversary Prep - How to write a history - multiple instructions and dates  
      Suitcase Seminars 1990, 1999-2000
      Awards, Fagley 1993-2004
      Bookmarks. Includes original plate 1994
      Speaker’s Bureau 1991
      Little Baddlow 1983-1987
      Historical Markers 1996-1997
      Scrooby Manor 1993-1995
      Scrooby Pilgrim Father’s Information Center 1979-1980
      Scrooby Historical Marker 1955-1959
      United Church of Christ 25th Anniversary 1982
      United Church of Christ – Women’s History 1992
      Videos 1980s-1990s
      Essay Contest 1995-2000
Box 9

Series 3 - Newsletters, Photographs

      Newsletters 1954-2004
      Photographs, meetings 1952, 1960-1962, 1964-1965, 2002
Box 10

Series 4 - Financial

      Recent financial records that will be disposed of after seven years from originating date: not for public use 1999-2003
      Fund appeal letter 1960-2003
      Bishop, Lewis M. 1981
      Jaques, Mildred Noyes 1971-1977
      King, Dorothy Anna 1997
      McColloch, Elizabeth R 1986
      Ott, Harry E. 1998
      Spratley, Jennie B  
    Duplicate materials  
      Newsletter 1954-2004
      Published articles  
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