Congregational Christian Chaplain Applicant Collection, 1939-1973 (bulk 1941-1950)

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Congregational Christian Chaplain Applicant Collection


General Commission on Chaplains


1939-1973 [bulk 1941-1950]


6 boxes; 7.8 linear feet

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RG 4373

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[Identification of item], in the Congregational Christian Chaplain Applicant collection, RG 4373. The Congregational Library and Archive, Boston, MA.



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Collection processed by Jessica Steytler, January 2011


Collection comprises applications from Congregational Christian ministers to the military to act as chaplains. The majority of the files were generated during World War II, however some files span as far forward as the early 1970s. Application materials include: photographs, bureaucratic forms, reference letters, pamphlets, typed manuscript sermons written by candidates, publicity material, and correspondence.  Not all files contain all previously noted types of material.

Acquisition Information:

Donated by UCC Archives, Kay Schellhase (Archivist), 1997. No metadata provided at the time of transfer.

Organizational History

No information about the organization included with collection.


Scope of Collection

Denominational Affiliation
Congregational Christian. If not, listed in notes. 99.9% are Congregational.

No internal records outside of applicant files.

Candidate information can include any of the following:

  • Photograph of candidate
  • Forms from General Commission on [Army and Navy] Chaplains (name changes)
  • Reference Letters
  • Pamphlets
  • Typed manuscripts of sermons by applicants
  • Publicity materials
  • Correspondence

Branches applied to:

  • Air Force
  • Air Force Reserve
  • Army
  • Army Reserve
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Marines
  • National Guard
  • Navy
  • Navy Reserve
  • Veterans Association
  • Maritime
  • Officers' Reserve Corps
  • Civilian Auxiliary AF




Box 1: A-Coe Box 2: Col-Grang Box 3: Grant-K Box 4: L-N Box 5: O-Sm Box 6: Sm-Z




Access Terms

General Commission on Army and Navy Chaplains

General Commission on Chaplains


Chaplain List

  Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Branch Note
Box 1
  Aiken Edwin Edgerton Jr. Army  
  Aki George     Army OH #26 1-?
  Alford Jack Henry   Civil Air Patrol  
  Allan George     Army Reserve  
  Allan James Barr   Army  
  Allan William Wayne   Army  
  Allenby Herbert Alfonso   Army  
  Allenby Herbert Alfred   Navy Reserve  
  Anderson Carl Hubert   Army  
  Anderson Ralph Miller   Army  
  Andrews Howard Aston   Army  
  Andrews Richard Carl   Navy Reserve  
  Anthony Edwin Tupper   Navy  
  Applebee Wendell Thomas   Navy  
  Appleby Wendell T. Jr. Veterans Association  
  Archer Russell Clinton   Army  
  Arends Harold L.   Civil Air Patrol  
  Arendt Eric Harthan   Navy  
  Ayers Stephen Edward   Navy  
Ayre Albert Russell   Navy  
  Bacheler Theodore     Army  
  Bagby Charles Lee   Army  
  Bailey Richard Kenneth   National Guard Mass.
  Baldwin Clarence William   Army  
  Baldwin Russell Eugene   Veterans Association  
  Ballou Luther Farwell   Army  
  Barbour John James   Navy UCC 70-8 Box 1
  Barnhill Frederick Atkinson   Army  
  Barrett Q. K.   Army  
  Bartholomew Lisle     Army  
  Bartholomew Orris Erie   Civil Air Patrol  
  Bartlett Henry Mandeville   Army  
  Bartlett Williard William Jr. Navy Reserve  
  Bauer Thorpe Philip   Army  
  Beardsley Whitmore Everett   Army  
  Beasley Louis James   Army  
  Becker Ernest Anton Jr. Navy  
  Becker John Rueben   National Guard Nebraska
  Bedford Archie Goff   Army  
  Bekeschus Paul Christian   Army UCC 90-8 Box 1
  Bell Edgar Lipscomb   Navy  
  Bell Richard Allen   National Guard Ohio
  Bell Robert Pierson   Navy  
  Bench Robert Edwin   Civil Air Patrol  
  Bengston Ernest Leonard   Army  
  Bennett Fred Donald   Navy  
  Bennett J. Gordon   Airforce  
  Berg John Wesley   Army  
  Berger William Ellsworth   Army  
  Bergman Carl John   Army  
  Berry Lawrence Wallace   Army  
  Berry William Raymond   Civil Air Patrol  
  Besselviere William Claud   Army  
  Bevan Vernon Francis   Army UCC 90-8 Box 1
  Bicket Willard Alexander   Army  
  Billingsley Richard     Army  
  Bills Robert J.   Army Reserve Listed as Div. Aux.
  Bingham Richard Lloyd   Airforce Reserve  
  Bishop James Harold   National Guard  
  Blackridge John Hathaway   Army  
  Blaisdell Orrin D.   Airforce  
  Blakney Raymond Bernard   Army  
  Bliss Daniel     Army  
  Blodgett Emerson Floyd   Army  
  Blough Homer E.   Army  
  Blundon Leslie Whitefield   Army  
  Bodle Harold Delbert   Navy  
  Bond Claude     Army  
  Bond Lester Everett   Army UCC 90-8 Box 1
  Bond Louis Donald   Civil Air Patrol  
  Booch Harold Lee   Navy  
  Bosworth Edward Franklin   Army  
  Botkin Samuel Lee   National Guard Oklahoma
  Boucher Arnold R.   National Guard  
  Bourne Donald Stinzel   Army  
  Bourne Grant Rogers   Army  
  Bower Franklin Abram   Marines  
  Bowers Thurman Foster   Army  
  Bozarth Howard P.   Army  
  Braden Wayne Lynn   Army  
  Bradford Walter Perley   Army  
  Bradshaw William B.   Army Reserve  
  Bromley Norman L.   Navy  
  Brown Charles Theodore   Army  
  Brown Charles Victor   Navy  
  Brown Forrest Raymond   Navy  
  Brown Harold Ogden Joseph   Navy Reserve  
  Brown J. Graydon   Army  
  Brown James Good   Army  
  Brown James Wiley   Army  
  Brown Marvin D.   Army  
  Brownell Donald Ralph   Army  
  Bryan Floyd Charles   Veterans Association  
  Buchanan Albert Brown   Army  
  Buchin Earle Livingstone   Army  
  Bunker Kenneth Chandler   Army  
  Bunker Wilfred Herrick   Army  
  Bunnell Myron Richard   Army  
  Burch Hobart Alexander Jr. Army Reserve  
  Burch Loren W. Sr. Army  
  Burchell Edson Roy   Army  
  Burgess David Stewart   Army  
  Burlingame Edwin Clark   National Guard  
  Burns Raymond Cyrus   Army  
  Burrill Donald R.   Navy Reserve  
  Butt George     Army  
Byrne Sydney Smith   Army  
  Campbell Emmanuel     Army  
  Campbell Harlin Melvin   Army  
  Canaday Wilbur Dare   Navy  
  Carlsen Emanuel     Army  
  Carlson Walter Magni   Army  
  Carpenter George P.   Airforce Reserve  
  Carpenter Tom W.   Navy Reserve Transferred
  Carson Thomas Martin   Airforce Reserve ROTC
  Carter Richard Philip   Navy  
  Carter Wade Lawrence   Army  
  Carver Sherwood Elmer   Airforce Reserve  
  Cash William Levi Jr. Army  
  Catton William Robert   Navy  
  Cernohlavek James W.   Navy Reserve  
  Chace William Allen Jr. Airforce Reserve  
  Chamberlain Roy B. Jr. Navy  
  Chambers Penn S.   Civil Air Patrol  
  Chambers Penn Samuel   Army  
  Chander Edgar H. S.   Army Applied for Army and Navy
  Chandler Milford Grant   Officers' Reserve Corps  
  Chandler Warren M.   Army  
  Cheney Roger Nelson   Navy Reserve Ensign Prob.
  Childs Arthur Wallace   Army  
  Christian Gerald Chilton   Army  
  Churchill Gerald Clark   Army  
  Ciarcia Gerald     Civil Air Patrol  
  Clapp Theodore Lyman   Army  
  Clarke Robert Horace   Army  
  Clay Philip Holbrook   Airforce Reserve ROTC
  Cleveland Roger Pecke   Army  
  Cochrun Edgar R.   Army  
Coe Robert Wood Jr. Navy  
Box 2
  Colburn Arthur Preston   Army  
  Cole Connor Garton   Army  
  Cole Franklin Paul   Navy  
  Conlin James W.   Army  
  Cook Arthur P.   Army  
  Cook Arthur Walker   Army Reserve Declined
  Cook Edwin H.   Army  
  Cook Frank     Army  
  Cooke Francis Trowbridge   Navy  
  Cooley Charles R.   Navy  
  Cooper Horace Nelson   Army  
  Cordill Tunis Slingerfield Jr. Army  
  Cottle Gardener Dixon   Army  
  Coulter Roy D.   Army  
  Craig Andrew Keith   Army  
  Cramer Raymond Leroy   Army  
  Creech Donald Gilbert   Navy  
  Crisp William Ellis Jr. Army  
  Crist Bertrand Robert   Navy  
  Crocker Bertram     Army  
  Crockett Barney Clyde   Army  
  Crockett David     Army  
  Crooks Richard Duane   Navy Reserve  
  Cruze James Alfred   Navy  
  Cullens Paul Archibald   Army  
  Cummings John     Navy  
Cunningham Edward     National Guard  
  Dahlstrom Paul Todd   Civil Air Patrol  
  Daman Everett Ayers   Navy  
  Danberg Neil Byron   Navy  
  Daniel John Irving   Army  
  Darsie Charles     Army  
  Davis James E.   Navy  
  Davis James McCoy   Army  
  Davis Norman Sewell   Army  
  Dawson Richard A.   Army  
  DeBilio Francis D.   National Guard  
  Dee Sidney E.   Civil Air Patrol  
  Deinstadt Leslie Gray   Veterans Association  
  Denlinger Everett E.   Army  
  Dennis Orville     Army  
  Dickinson Leon Archibald Jr. Navy  
  Dickinson Sheldon Curtiss   Army  
  Diede Richard R.   Army  
  Divine Robert James   Navy  
  Dixon Ralph Lee Jr. Airforce Reserve  
  Dockery Clarence Arnold   Navy Reserve  
  Dodge Edward Hathaway   Navy Reserve  
  Dollar Charlie Carl   Army  
  Dominick George P.   Navy  
  Douglas Earl William   Army  
  Douglas John Alfred   Army  
  Douglas Richard Gilmore   Army  
  Downey William Bertrand   Army  
  Driftmier Frederick Field   Navy  
  Duddy Frank E.   Army  
  Dunlap Harry Philip   Navy  
  Dunning Philip Howard   Civil Air Patrol  
Duplissey Frederick John   Navy  
  Earheart Karl Frederic Jr. Army  
  Easton Carlton     Army  
  Eaton James A.   Army  
  Ebel Leonard Julius   Navy Reserve  
  Eberhart Elvin Thayne   Navy Reserve  
  Edwards Charles S.   Airforce  
  Eggleston Herbert James   Veterans Association  
  Elliott Homer H.   Army Reserve  
  Elmen Paul Hilding   Army  
  England Richard Neil   Army  
  Entwistle Hubert Lever   Civil Air Patrol  
  Erickson Lowell L.   Navy Reserve  
  Eshelman Byron E.   Navy  
  Estabrooks Merle P.   Army  
  Eutsler Frederick Byerly   Army  
Eymann Harold Henry   National Guard  
  Fagley Richard Martin   Navy  
  Fairman Butler     Army  
  Fairman Butler     Army  
  Farnham George Leslie   Navy  
  Fausey William     Army  
  Fellows Ward Jay   Army  
  Ferrelli Dominic Irving   Army Reserve  
  Fichtler Helmuth     National Guard  
  Fisk Glen Carrol Jr. Civil Air Patrol  
  Fitch Robert Elliot   Navy  
  Fitzsimmons John Pitman   Army  
  Flaig Hugo     Civil Air Patrol  
  Fleckles Elliott Victor   Army  
  Flugum Omar J.   Army  
  Focht Alfred Paul   Army  
  Follensbee Marcus A. Jr. Navy Reserve  
  Forbes Robert Gibson   Army  
  Ford William Charles   Army  
  Fowler Ernest M.   Navy Reserve  
  Fowler Leonard William   Navy  
  Frazee John Elmer   Navy  
  Frederickson John C.   Navy Reserve  
  Fritzmeier John E.   National Guard Wisconsin
  Frost William M.   Army  
Frye Richard Alden   Army  
  Gacke Emanuel     Army  
  Gans Arthur E.   Navy Reserve  
  Gaskell Benton Searle   Navy  
  Gaskill John Gilbert   Army  
  Gates Edward Dwight   Navy  
  Gilkey James Gordon Jr. Navy  
  Gill Sumner H.   Army  
  Gilmore Reuben Eugene   Navy  
  Glasser James C.   Navy  
  Goddard Thomas Stewart   Army  
  Gomke Edwin G.   Army  
  Goodfellow Rollin     Army  
  Gooding Ernest Alfred   Army  
  Gordon Alexander Duff   Army  
  Gordon Alexander Houston   Army  
  Goude Stuart V.   Army  
  Goude Stuart Vivian   Civil Air Patrol  
  Gould Everett Warren   Army  
  Gowing Peter Gordon   Navy Reserve  
Granger Lawrence Douglas   Army  
Box 3
  Grant James Abram Garfield   Army  
  Grant Robert Day   Veterans Association  
  Grasmick Veldon Robert   Army Reserve  
  Graves Lawrence Dewey   Army  
  Gray Kenneth Vernon   Navy  
  Gray Leonard Benjamin   Army  
  Green Sigfrid Ebenhard   Army  
  Greenlaw Earle Damon   Navy  
  Gregory William E.   Army  
  Grevatt Edward Barent   Army Reserve  
  Grissom William Alfonzo   Navy  
  Gross Fred William   National Guard  
  Gudmundsson Gudmund B.   Army  
Guncel Z. Willard   Civil Air Patrol  
  Haberlin Arthur Garfield   Army  
  Haldane Robert   Jr. Civil Air Patrol  
  Hall Raymond Lee   Army  
  Hallowell George Dewey   Army  
  Hamilton William John   Army  
  Harris Clarence Basil   Navy  
  Harshfield Monroe Clark   Army  
  Hart William Cooledge   Army  
  Harwood Douglas     Army  
  Has-Ellison John     Army  
  Haskin Robert Fayette   Army  
  Haskins Stuart Campbell   Navy  
  Hass Donald James   Airforce Reserve  
  Hastie Charles Bradford   Army  
  Hathaway Robert Chester   Army Reserve  
  Hatt John Howard   Army  
  Haverinen John Hjalmar   Airforce Reserve  
  Hawthorne Kinsley Walter   Army  
  Haynes Eugene V.   Navy  
  Hazen Clarence Arthur   Army  
  Heacock Roland Tilman   Army  
  Head Donald Walter   Navy  
  Heming Thomas Douglas   Civil Air Patrol  
  Henry James Stephen   Army  
  Henry John Tyler   Army  
  Herberts Herbert Leopold   Army  
  Hertel Myron J.   Airforce  
  Heuser Charles L.   Navy  
  Hicks Cyril Mearl   Navy  
  Higuchi Hiro     Army  
  Hile Frederick Webb   Army  
  Hill Lester Alavah   Navy  
  Hillary Mark     Army  
  Hobensack R. Paul   Army  
  Hochwald Earle C.   Army  
  Hodges Deane Llewellyn   Army  
  Hodgkins Laforest Edmund   Army  
  Hoffman Vernon C.   Airforce  
  Hogue S. Mark   Navy  
  Holman Glenn P.   Army  
  Holton Henry S.   Army  
  Hopper Stanley Bernard   Army  
  Horn Howard Paul   Army  
  Hosking William Thomas   Civilian Auxiliiary AF  
  Hotchkiss Wesley A.   Army  
  Hovland Clarence Warren   Navy  
  Howard Donald Billings   Army  
  Howard Edwin Rollo   Navy  
  Howard Neil Runnells   Navy Reserve  
  Hoyle Wayne Edmund   Army  
  Hudson James Calvert   Army  
  Huffman Cloma A.   Army  
  Hulme James William Jr. Army  
  Hunt George Staley   Army  
  Hunt Leland Otis   Army  
  Hunter Charles Alvin Maurice   Army Reserve  
  Hunter James Scott   Navy  
  Hunter Paul R.   Navy  
  Hunter Richard Dowing   Navy  
  Huntzinger Ernest Harold Jr. National Guard  
  Huston John Herald   Army  
  Hutchinson Warner A. Jr. Navy Reserve  
  Hyde Forrest Ervin   Army  
Hylon George W.   Airforce  
  Imperiale Meyer     National Guard  
  Innis Clarence Harvey   Army  
  Irons Ronald Scott   Army  
  Irwin Allen Leroy   Navy  
Irwin Thomas Leonard Jr. Airforce  
  Jackson Dwight Orville   Army  
  Jackson Paul Philip   Army  
  Jefferson David Rowe   Army Reserve  
  Jenkins Joseph Henry   Army  
  Jenkinson Egbert William Ashford   Army  
  Jerge Walter Brightman   Army  
  Johnson Ernest Bernhardt Jr. Veterans Association  
  Johnson Harold E.   Army  
  Johnson Harvey Elijah   Veterans Association  
  Johnson Harvey Elijah   Army  
  Johnson Herman Clifford   Army  
  Johnson Julian B.   Army  
  Johnson Roland Victor Emanuel   Army  
  Johnson Sumner Walker   Army  
  Jonas Otto Karl August   Army  
  Jones Lawrence S.   Civil Air Patrol  
  Jones Owen     Army  
Jones Ray Carlton   Navy  
  Kaina William Hiiakaikapolio pele   Civil Air Patrol  
  Keast George S.   Army  
  Keck Leonard Warren   Army Reserve  
  Keefe John Henry   Army  
  Keimel Arthur     Navy  
  Keiser Victor Hugo   Navy  
  Kelsey George Wright Jr. Army Reserve  
  Kemp John Leroy   Army  
  Kemper Robert Chatfield   Navy  
  Kemper Robert Graham   Navy Reserve  
  Kennan Arthur Willard   Army  
  Kennan Arthur Willard   Army Reserve  
  Kerr Owen W.   Army  
  Kerr Russell N.   Civil Air Patrol  
  Kettell Albert Bernhard   Army  
  Kettells John Dunster   Navy  
  Kilde Clarence Marvin   Army  
  Kimball Ralph Herbert   Army  
  Kimball Robert Morris   Navy  
  King Gordon Lloyd   Army  
  King Stanley Hall   Navy  
  King Winston L.   Army  
  Kingsbury John A.   National Guard  
  Kirschbaum William Guest   Army  
  Kittlaus Paul     Airforce Reserve  
  Kline Alfred Streator   Army  
  Knapp Charles M.   Civilian Auxiliiary AF  
  Knights Ward A. Jr. Army Reserve  
  Knudson Carl     Navy  
  Knudson Carl     Army  
  Koch Adolph     Veterans Association  
  Koch Henry C.     Associate Secretary for the Commission on
Emergency World Service, E&R Church. Separate folder
  Kopf Carl Heath   Navy  
  Krause Robert Alren   Airforce Reserve  
  Kuhn C. George   Army  


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