Hanover, Mass. First Congregational Church records, 1728-1818.

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Hanover, Mass. First Congregational Church records, 1728-1818


First Congregational Church (Hanover, Mass.)




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The Congregational Society at Hanover was established by act of the Massachusetts General Court in 1727 and met in parishioner’s homes until the completion of its first meetinghouse in 1728. The collection contains records of the original church covenant, meeting minutes, vital statistics, and records of the purchase of sacramental wine. Of particular note are lists of full members and half members admitted into fellowship in accordance with the half-way covenant.

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Collection placed on permanent loan by First Congregational Church of Hanover, Massachusetts, in August 2008.


Additional accruals are expected for this collection in the form of full-text transcription. There is no anticipated date for this accrual.


Historical Note

The Congregational Society at Hanover was formed by an act of the Massachusetts General Court in 1727, and met in the homes of members until its first meetinghouse was built the following year. Notable founding members included Joseph Stockbridge and Elijah Cushing. The first minister, Rev. Benjamin Bass, also formed the town's earliest public library.

Over the past three centuries, the church has constructed three further buildings to accommodate the changing needs of its membership. It has sponsored the local Boy Scout troop, contributed funds to both home and foreign missions, and formed a Social Action Committee to increase community outreach. One of the congregation's original silver communion cups was donated to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 1911.


Scope of Collection

This collection contains the early records of Frist Congregational Church in Hanover, Massachusetts. Included are records of church meetings, vital statistics, marriages, membership, and the original founding covenant. Also included are records of sacramental wine purchased.


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Church records and registers - Massachusetts - Hanover.

Baptism - Congregational churches.

Covenant (Church polity) - Congregational churches.

Marriage records - Massachusetts



Church membership.

Lord's Supper.

Marriage records - Massachusetts

Halfway Covenant


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Records are contained in three volumes ordered by date. All three volumes are reproduced both digitally and onto one microfilm reel.



  Date Location
Church records 1728-1756 Volume 1
    Reel 1 of 1
    Online Interface
The records in this first volume include the original covenant, early church meeting minutes, and lists of births, deaths, and marriages.
Church records 1756-1818 Volume 2
    Reel 1 of 1
    Online Interface
The records in the second volume include church meeting minutes, membership records, and lists of births, deaths, and marriages.
Miscellaneious records 1785-1800 Volume 3
    Reel 1 of 1
    Online Interface
This brief volume mostly consists of records of sacramental wine purchased. It also includes a few vital statistics not listed in the church record books.


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