Jamestown, NY. First Congregational United Church of Christ. Records, 1816-1983.

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Jamestown, NY. First Congregational United Church of Christ. Records.


First Congregational United Church of Christ of Jamestown, NY.
First Church in Jamestown, Congregational
First of Ellicott
Second of Ellicott




2 record cartons, 2 clamshell boxes (3 linear feet)

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RG 5049

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None. Microfilm copy of ledger books 1-5 available.

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[Identification of item], in the First Congregational United Church of Christ (Jamestown, NY) records, RG 5049.The Congregational Library and Archive, Boston, MA.



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Collection processed by Jessica Steytler, February 2013.

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This collection has been minimally processed for access. Please contact the archivist or librarian for more information.


Collection consists of records created by the Jamestown, NY First Congregational Church, UCC. Types of records include auxiliary group minutes, membership information, church meeting minutes, and financial information. Most of the years represented are from the 1880s-1940s.

Note: This collection has been minimally processed for access and is available for researcher access.

Acquisition Information:

Acquired from the Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society (ERHS), 2012. According to documents that arrived with the collection, the ERHS acquired the records in 2009. First church, at the writing of this guide, is still an active church.

Organizational History

The church has had several names:

  • First Church in Jamestown, Congregational
  • First of Ellicott
  • Second of Ellicott

It is currently called First Congregational Church of Jamestown, NY, according to its website. From its establishment in 1818-1834, it was a Presbyterian church, and from 1835-present. At the creation of this guide, it is still an active church and part of the United Church of Christ.


Scope of Collection

This collection has records of the church's auxiliary organizations, committees, clerk's reports, membership information (including deaths and baptisms), and finances.



Collection is arranged in the order it was donated to the Congregational Library.


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Access Terms

Congregational churches - New York (State) - Jamestown.

First Congregational Church (Jamestown, N.Y.)

Church records and registers - New York (State) - Jamestown.


Detailed Description and Container List

Box 1
  Auxiliary Organizations  
    Christian Endeavor Society. Minutes 1883-1892
    Young People's Society. Minutes 1937-1938
    Christian Endeavor Society. Minutes 1894-1897
    Ladies Aid Society. Minutes 1910-1920
    Ladies Aid Society. Minutes 1921-1930
    Ladies Aid Society, Minutes 1887-1900
    Ladies Aid Society 1900-1910
    Trustees. Minutes 1928-1932
    Trustees. Minutes 1933-1938
  Manual and directory  
  Reports to Conference (incomplete) 1898-1952
    Church Cabinet. Minutes 1949-1961
    Prudential Committee. Minutes 1944-1949
  Auxiliary Organizations  
    Philergian Society. Financial Records. Ledger 1875-1899
    Philergian Society. Minutes 1910-1914
  Clerks Reports (incomplete) 1898-1953
  Auxiliary Organizations  
    Women's Missionary Society. Financial Records. Ledger 1932-1937
    Men's Club. Minutes 1911-1929
    Women's Missionary Union. Minutes 1926-1931
    Women's Missionary Union. Minutes 1931-1939
    Women's Missionary Union. Minutes 1919-1920
    Women's Missionary Union. Minutes 1921-1925
Box 2
  Auxiliary Organizations  
    Philergian Society. Minutes 1915-1927
    Women's Guild. Minutes 1939-1949
    Ladies Aid Society. Financial Records, Ledger 1883-1912
    Women's Guild. Financial Records. Ledger 1964-1967
    Women's Guild. Minutes 1949-1953
    Women's Guild. Financial Records. Ledger 1939-1955
  Legal Records. Incorporation 1921-1922
  Financial Records. Ledger 1924-1935
  Financial Records. Ledger 1950-1954
  Congregational Meeting. Minutes 1927, 1936,
  Congregational Meeting. Minutes 1954-1964
  Financial Records. Treasurer's Reports 1892-1943
  Congregational Meeting. Minutes 1816-1831
  Congregational Meeting. Minutes 1885-1912
  Auxiliary Organizations  
    Christian Endeavor Society. Minutes 1894-1906
Box 3
  Ledger 1958-1968
    "Begins with Mr. Eaton's pastorate, August 1958-Aug. 31, 1968"
note inside of front cover says: "This book appears to be Pastor Ellis Eaton's personal record for baptismal records, duplicate of record in clerk's record book marked "book 3". The funeral record in this book, however is the original, not the duplicate"
  Ledger, Church Clerk Records - Baptisms, Admissions, Removals Feb. 1894 - Jan. 1928
  Ledger, no label. Inside note indicates Church Book 1, 1816-1894 1816-1894
    Pastors, Church Committees, Church Clerks, Communicants, Baptisms, Digest of marriage laws, marriages, deaths, attendance, councils, conferences. Has index.  
Box 4
   Ledger, Church Book 5 1969-1983
    Baptisms, marriages, deaths  
  Envelope: Anniversary materials  
  Ledger, Church Book 3 1928-1983
    Baptisms, Members Received, Members Removed  
  Ledger, Financial Records 1944-1949


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