Marblehead, Massachusetts. Third Congregational Church record books, 1858-1877.

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Marblehead, Mass. Third Congregational Church record books, 1858-1877.


Third Congregational Church (Marblehead, Mass.)




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Third Congregational Church of Marblehead, Massachusetts, was founded in 1858 by 49 members who split from First Church (later known as Old North Church). The membership rejoined with First Church in 1877 after their church building was destroyed by fire. The collection contains the institutional records of Third Church, including meeting minutes, bylaws, and membership lists.

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Deposited by First Church of Christ, Marblehead, MA, at the Congregational Library on permanent loan, June 2013.


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Historical Note

Third Congregational Church of Marblehead, MA, was formed by members of First Church, Marblehead, MA, who left the church after a protracted conflict over the newly called pastor. Forty nine separating members met in March, 1858, and declared their intention to form their own church. The church was officially formed in September, 1858. Plans for a church building were conceived of on 1858 and the building was dedicated in 1860. Third Church members were displaced when their building burned down in 1877, and the church’s membership rejoined with First Church that same year.


Scope of Collection

This collection contains the institutional records of Third Congregational Church of Marblehead, Massachusetts. Included in the three volumes are meeting minutes, copies of official communications (including notice of separation from First Church, invitations to councils of the vicinage), records of income and expenditures, details on the building and furnishing of a meeting house, orders of worship, bylaws, and membership lists. Of particular note is Volume 1, which contains not only a historical overview of First, Second, and Third churches, but also contains documentation on the manner in which Third Church accepted new members, performed baptisms, and issued censures. Not present are any records relating to the burning of the meetinghouse in 1877 and the congregation's subsequent re-joining with First Church.


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The volumes are arranged according to the order prescribed on their title pages. In the one instance where no volume information is given, that volume has been assigned as "Volume 3" by the processing archivist. Pages within the volume remain in their original order. Loose information removed from Volume 3 is arranged in a separate folder.



    Dates Location
Church records 1858 Volume 1
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  Volume 1 (formerly referred to as Volume 3 [see arrangement note above]) contains a brief historical sketch of First, Second and Third Churches in Marblehead, Massachusetts, as well as a copy of Third Church's Confession of Faith, Covenant, standing rules, ecclesiastical principles and rules. Also contained in this record book is a list of members, pastors, and officers of the church. Of particular note are the "Forms of Admission" and "Ordinance of Baptism" which spell out the liturgy associated with baptizing and accepting new members.
Church records 1858-1874 Volmue 2
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  Volume 2 (formerly referred to as Volume 2 [see arrangement note above]) contains materials relating to the departure of members from First Church and the formation of Third Church. These materials include notice of withdrawal, membership lists, meeting notes, and records relating to the Council of the Vicinage called in order to convene the new society and church. Dates for meeting minutes in this volume overlap but do not duplicate those in Volume 3
Church records 1858-1876 Volume 3
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  Volume 3 (formerly referred to as Volume 1 [see arrangement note above]) contains materials related to the day-to-day administration of the church. These materials include meeting minutes, lists of incomes and expenditures, information about building and furnishing the meeting house, orders of worship, and bylaws. Of particular note is a to-scale drawing of the proposed new meeting house drawn by Glover Broughton, Church Clerk. This can be found on page 28 of the volume.


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