Rogers, John. Papers, 1693-1714.

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John Rogers papers, 1693-1714.


Rogers, John, 1666-1745

Wise, John, 1652-1725


1693-1714, undated


3 folders (0.02 cubic feet)

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John Rogers (1666-1745) was a pastor in New England from 1684 until his death in 1745. This collection contains an undated copy of his will and testament, a letter from a John Wise proposing a courtship between Rogers's daughter and Wise's son, and five pamphlets containing sermon notes running from 1693-1701.

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Historical Note

John Rogers (1666-1745) was born in July 1666 in Ipswich, Massachusetts to John Rogers (1630-1684), President of Harvard University. Rogers graduated from Harvard in 1684, and began teaching at the Ipswich grammar school. From 1686 until 1689 Rogers assisted his uncle, William Hubbard the minister of Ipswich, along with his cousin and classmate Denison. Ordained in October of 1692, Rogers took over for his sickly uncle in 1702 as minister until Hubbard's death in 1704. Rogers stayed on in Ipswich until his death from paralysis in 1745.


Scope of Collection

The John Rogers collection contains documents written by John Rogers over the course of his life, this material while small in size covers a wide range of material, including sermons, a last will and testament, and a proposal letter for his daughter. This collection offers a unique look at Puritan courtship, death, and the religious aspects of New England society in the 1600s.


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Subject Headings

Bible. N.T. Gospels - Sermons - Early works to 1800.

Congregationalists - United States - Sermons.

Courtship - New England - 1710-1720

Election sermons - Massachusetts.


New England - History - Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775 - Sermons.

Rogers, John, 1666-1745.

Rogers, John, 1666-1745 - Sermons.

Rogers, John, 1666-1746 - Will

Sermons, American - 17th century.

Sermons, American - 18th century.

Sermons, American - Massachusetts.

Wise, John, 1652-1725.

Wills - Massachusetts.



This collection is arranged into three series. Items in each series are arranged chronologically.



Series I: Sermon Notes

Date: 1693-1701
Extent: 1 folder
Scope of Series: This series has hand-written sermons and/or sermon notes, given by Rogers. These sermons primarily draw upon the books of Luke and Matthew, and from the inscriptions on the covers, may have been reused by Rogers in different places or years. Note that each pamphlet contains two sermons, one beginning on the front page going toward the last page, and the other beginning on the last page going toward the front. Dates of the sermons in the listings will reflect that two different sermons exist in the same pamphlet. Digital versions of these sermons are presented separately for ease of use.
    Date Location
Sermons on Malachi 3:16 1689 June 22, December 15 F1
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Sermons on Matthew 7:21 1693 April, 1994/95 February 21 F1
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Sermons on Luke 1:68 1698/99 February, 1699 March 30 F1
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Sermons on Luke 1:71-72 1699 August 31, September 28 F1
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Sermons on Luke 1:77 1700/01 March 13, 1701 April 10 F1
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Series II: Will and Testament

Date: undated
Extent: 1 folder
Scope of Series: This series is an unsigned and undated copy of John Rogers's Last Will and Testament. The will lists various members of his immediate family, including some son-in-laws and grandchildren, so it can be assumed that it is from later in his life.  The will also contains a note on the back, done in a different hand which lists letters, and numbers that could relate to whom got how much.
  Date Location
Will and testament undated F2
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Series III: Courtship Proposal

Date: 1714
Extent: 1 folder
Scope of Series: This series contains a letter from John Wise to John Rogers about beginning a possible courtship between their children. The letter also compliments Rogers on his family and hospitality, before describing all the benefits a union between Rogers's daughter and Wise's son could bring. The John Wise in this letter is most likely a minister also living in Ipswich, who lived from 1652-1725. However, from this letter alone it is not possible to positively make this identification.
  Date Location
John Wise to John Rogers 1714 June 14 F3
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