Unknown Author. Boston Massacre sermon, 1770.

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Unknown Author. Boston Massacre sermon, 1770.


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[Identification of item], in the Unknown author. Boston Massacre sermon, 1770. MS0818. The Congregational Library & Archives, Boston, MA.

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No information about this sermon's author is available, as the author is unknown. This 24 page manuscript sermon discusses the history of the colonies in New England, what has led to the increase militarization in New England, and the actions that may be taken to remedy the strife.

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The author of this sermon is unknown.


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This collection consists of a single, 24-page, manuscript sermon. A note found on the back of the booklet, in a separate hand, notes that the sermon was "prepared soon after the Boston Massacre, March, 5, 1770." No other provenance or authorial information is available. The sermon begins with reference to Psalms 85:6, quoted from the King James Version, however the sermon is not exegetical in nature. Instead, the sermon contains the preacher's account of the history of Massachusetts Bay Colony leading up to the present struggles. Topics referenced include: the founding of the colony by non-separating Puritans, the founding of Harvard, the English Civil War, Charles II, the Stamp Act, the tightening of British control of the colony, and the increased military presence. The sermon also includes discussion as to the causes of the new strife, and advice for how to better the situation.


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United States - History - Revolution - 1775-1783

Election sermons - Massachusetts.

Boston Massacre, 1770.

Great Britain. Stamp Act (1765)

Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.

Church of England.

Harvard College (1636-1780).



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