Waltham, Massachusetts. Trinity Church (The First Congregational Church of Waltham). Records, 1820-2015.

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Waltham, Mass. Trinity Church (The First Congregational Church of Waltham) records, 1820-2015.


Trinity Church (The First Congregational Church of Waltham) (Waltham, Mass.)
First Congregational Church (Waltham, Mass.)

Second Congregational Church (Orthodox) (Waltham, Mass.)




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[Identification of item], in the Waltham, Mass. Trinity Church (The First Congregational Church of Waltham) records, RG5292. The Congregational Library & Archives, Boston, MA.



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The Trinity Church, also known as First Congregational Church, was established in 1820 and closed in 2014. This collection documents the history of the organization, including meetings; membership; anniversary celebrations; and church life.

Note: this collection has been minimally processed for access and is available for researcher use.

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Donated as a gift from the church in July 2015.


Historical Note

The Trinity Church went through several name changes and one merger in its lifetime. The earliest date of origin is 1820, when the First Congregational Church was established. Its earlier names included Third Trinitarian Society and Second Society for their first five years. In 1858, Second Congregational Church (Orthodox) and First Church merged, retaining the name First Church. In the by-laws from the mid-2000s, the church's official name was Trinity, however, it continued to use First Church in the course of their activities. The Church left the United Church of Christ in 2006 and disbanded at the end of 2014.


Scope of Collection

This collection documents the history of the organization, including meetings; membership; anniversary celebrations; and church life. Included in the records are meeting minutes and reports; vital statistics including membership and baptismal records; ledgers; photographs; and scrapbooks.


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Subject Headings

Trinity Church (The First Congregational Church of Waltham) (Waltham, Mass.)

First Congregational Church (Waltham, Mass.)

Third Trinitarian Society (Waltham, Mass.)

Second Society (Waltham, Mass.)

Second Congregational Church (Orthodox) (Waltham, Mass.)

Waltham, (Mass.) -- Church history.

Church records and registers -- Massachusetts -- Waltham.

Congregationalism -- Membership.

Church committees -- Congregationalism.

Church buildings -- Pictorial works.

Congregationalism -- Clergy -- Pictorial works.

United States -- Armed Forces -- Correspondence.


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This collection has not been fully processed. The collection items are in the original order in which the records were given to the library.



  Date Box 1
Records of the Second Religious Society and Trinity Congregational Church 1820-1867 B1
Records of the Second Religious Society 1820-1859 B1
Ecclesiastical Council meeting and other records 1828, 1820, 1820-1868 B1
Monthly meetings, annual meetings, articles of faith, standing committee 1860-1906 B1
Parish committee 1873-1887 B1
Parish committee 1887-1900 B1
Parish committee 1901-1906 B1
Committee reports for YPSCE 1892-1896 B1
By-laws, Trinitarian Congregational roll of members 1892 B1
Accessions, baptisms, dismissions, deaths, "separate list" 1906-1922 B1
Pastor's ledger 1890-1917 B1
Annual meetings monthly meetings 1906-1922 B1
  Date Box 2
Annual reports 1892 B2
Annual reports 1893 B2
Annual reports 1894 B2
Annual reports 1895 B2
Annual reports 1896 B2
Annual reports 1897 B2
Annual reports 1895 B2
Annual reports 1896 B2
Annual reports 1897 B2
Annual reports 1898 B2
Annual reports 1899 B2
Annual reports 1900 B2
Annual reports 1901 B2
Annual reports 1902 B2
Annual reports 1903 B2
Annual reports 1904 B2
Annual reports 1905 B2
Annual reports 1906 B2
Annual reports 1907 B2
Annual reports 1908 B2
Annual reports 1909 B2
Annual reports 1910 B2
Annual reports 1911 B2
Annual reports 1912 B2
Annual reports 1913 B2
Annual reports 1914 B2
Annual reports 1915 B2
Annual reports 1916 B2
Annual reports 1917 B2
Annual reports 1918 B2
Annual reports 1919 B2
Annual reports 1920 B2
Annual reports 1921 B2
Annual reports 1922 B2
Annual reports 1923 B2
Annual reports 1924 B2
Annual reports 1925 B2
Annual reports 1926 B2
Annual reports 1927 B2
Annual reports 1928 B2
Annual reports 1929 B2
Annual reports 1930 B2
Annual reports 1931 B2
Annual reports 1932 B2
Annual reports 1933 B2
Annual reports 1934 B2
Annual reports 1935 B2
Annual reports 1936 B2
Annual reports 1937 B2
Annual reports 1938 B2
Annual reports 1939 B2
Annual reports 1940 B2
Annual reports 1941 B2
Annual reports 1942 B2
Annual reports 1943 B2
Annual reports 1944 B2
Annual report abstracts 1903, 1908-1932 B2
  Date Box 3
Annual reports 1945 B3
Annual reports 1946 B3
Annual reports 1947 B3
Annual reports 1948 B3
Annual reports 1949 B3
Annual reports 1950 B3
Annual reports 1951 B3
Annual reports 1952 B3
Annual reports 1953 B3
Annual reports 1954 B3
Annual reports 1955 B3
Annual reports 1956 B3
Annual reports 1957 B3
Annual reports 1958 B3
Annual reports 1959 B3
Annual reports 1960 B3
Annual reports 1961 B3
Annual reports 1962 B3
Annual reports 1963 B3
Annual reports 1964 B3
Annual reports 1965 B3
Annual reports 1966 B3
Annual reports 1967 B3
Annual reports 1968 B3
Annual reports 1969 B3
Annual reports 1970 B3
Annual reports 1971 B3
Annual reports 1972 B3
Annual reports 1973 B3
Annual reports 1974 B3
Annual reports 1975 B3
Annual reports 1976 B3
Annual reports 1977 B3
Annual reports 1978 B3
Annual reports 1979 B3
Annual reports 1980 B3
Annual reports 1981 B3
Annual reports 1982 B3
Annual reports 1983 B3
Annual reports 1984 B3
Annual reports 1985 B3
Annual reports 1986 B3
Annual reports 1987 B3
Annual reports 1988 B3
Annual reports 1989 B3
Annual reports 1990 B3
Annual reports 1991 B3
Annual reports 1992 B3
Annual reports 1993 B3
Annual reports 1994 B3
Annual reports 1995 B3
Annual reports 1996 B3
Annual reports 1997 B3
Annual reports 1998 B3
Annual reports 1999 B3
Annual reports 2000 B3
Annual reports 2001 B3
Annual reports 2002 B3
Annual reports 2003 B3
Annual reports 2004 B3
Annual reports 2005 B3
Annual reports 2006 B3
Annual reports 2007 B3
Annual reports 2008 B3
Annual reports 2009 B3
Annual reports 2010 B3
Annual reports 2011 B3
Annual reports 2012 B3
Annual reports 2013 B3
Annual reports 2014 B3
Special meeting 2002 December 15 B3
Annual report of receipts and expenditures 1827 B3
Annual report of receipts and expenditures 1844 B3
Annual report of receipts and expenditures 1847, 1848 B3
Treasurer's report 1859 B3
Treasurer's report 1860 B3
Treasurer's report 1861 B3
Treasurer's report 1862 B3
Treasurer's report 1863 B3
Treasurer's report 1865 B3
Treasurer's report 1879 B3
Treasurer's report 1880 B3
Treasurer's report 1881 B3
Treasurer's report 1882 B3
Standing committee 1874-1902 B3
Standing committee 1902-1917 B3
Standing committee 1906-1914 B3
  Date Box 4
Standing committee 1914-1025 B4
Standing committee 1926-1931 B4
Annual meetings 1825-1906 B4
Church records 1939-1941 B4
Executive committee meeting 1941-1943 B4
Executive committee meeting 1943-1946 B4
Executive committee meeting 1940-1959 B4
Executive committee meeting 1960-1974 B4
  Date Box 5
Executive committee meeting 1975-1988 B5
Executive committee meeting 1989-2004 B5
Executive committee meeting 2005-2014 B5
Manual for deacons and deaconesses undated B5
Church committee meetings 1957-1963 B5
Church committee diaconate 1971-1974 B5
Board of deacons meetings 1960-1995 B5
Diaconate meetings 1970s-1980s B5
Diaconate 1950, 1952-1957 B5
Diaconate 1958-1962 B5
Diaconate 1959-1967 B5
Diaconate 1964-1970 B5
Diaconate 1970-1974 B5
  Date Box 6
Diaconate 1986-1991 B6
Diaconate 1985-2014 B6
Trustee Meetings 1986-2005 B6
Trustee Meetings 2005-2008 B6
Trustee Meetings 2004-2015 B6
  Date Box 7
Records - Trinitarian Congregational Church. Transcript, prepared by Middlesex County Historical Society 1820-1860 B7
Membership 1820-1964 B7
Membership, covenant 1871-2013 B7
Membership, baptisms, marriages, deaths 1974-1987 B7
Membership status sheets A-L 1985 B7
Membership status sheets M-Z 1985 B7
Winifred Kneisel note 1920, 1956, 1957 B7
Membership list chronological 1900-1987 B7
Membership list alphabetical 1900-1987 B7
Baptisms 1921-1984, gaps B7
Baptisms 1947-1984 B7
Baptisms 1998-2008 B7
Clergyman's records death and burial information 1960s-1980s B7
  Date Box 8
Dr. Harlan Page Scrapbook 1905-1925 B8
Dr. Harlan Page Scrapbook 1897-1908 B8
Sunday bulletins and notes 1922-1925 B8
  Date Box 9
Sunday bulletins 1908-1922 B9
Trust deed 1827 B9
Folded architectural drawing undated B9
  Date Box 10
Anniversary, 50th-190th 1850-2010 B10
Loose material Undated B10
75th anniversary booklet 1820-1895 1895 B10
150th anniversary photographs 1970 B10
100th anniversary 1920 B10
175th anniversary photographs 1995 B10
175th anniversary news tribute 1995 B10
175th anniversary binder 1995 B10
Building-related loose material undated B10
National register historic places undated B10
Description of building changes 1890s, 1923-1924 B10
Steeple straightening 1970s B10
Service of dedication after renovating in sanctuary 1962 B10
Church fire account 1914 B10
List of repairs to church after fire 1914 B10
Thanks to fire department 1914 B10
Report of committee on renovation of church 1901 B10
Renovation of sanctuary 1992 B10
Comprehensive appraisal 1982 B10
Letter to churches, Rev. Page's installation 1906 B10
Excommunicated members, early church undated B10
Confession of faith and covenant 1853 B10
Ecclesiastical council letters 1860-1895 B10
Envelope of records 1820-1850 B10
Letters written during war time to church 1942-1946 B10
Letters written during war time to church 1942-1946 B10
Letters written during war time to church 1942-1946 B10
Letters written during war time to church 1942-1946 B10
Letters to parents of Shirley Elridge; letters written in wartime 1942-1946 B10
WWII vets who were members of Church 1942-1946 B10
Book of remembrance, history and regulations undated B10
2 photographs of nurses undated B10
Program, Sunday school 1872-1890 B10
Missionary committees 1885-1886 B10
Woman's auxiliary of Young Men's Christian Association 1887 B10
Adelphic Club constitution 1881 B10
Loose material, groups undated B10
Golden Rule Brotherhood undated B10
Name change 1906 B10
5 manuals undated B10
By-laws undated B10
Deeds undated B10
Directories undated B10
Cast of showboat minstral show 1952 B10
Dedication of church 1871 B10
Installation of Harlan Page 1906 B10
Union services 1913-1915 B10
Rededication of church 1899 B10
Loose material, events clippings, programs 1899 B10
  Date Box 11
Historical sketch 1820-1867 B11
Harrington's sermon, history 1820-1895 undated B11
Ecclesiastical history of Waltham, pictures 1903 B11
History of 2nd Religious Society 1867 B11
History of the church, 1820-1859 1859 B11
History of the church, 1820-1970 1970 B11
Chronology, 1888-1923 1923 B11
History of the Church 1820-1926 1926 B11
History of the Church 1820-1960 1960 B11
First Meeting as an incorporated body 1907 B11
100th anniversary observance 1920 B11
Reception for Dr. Page, 90th anniversary 1906, 1910 B11
Chronology of Dates, 1888-1923 1923 B11
History of the organizations 1820-2004 B11
Sanctuary 1895 B11
Rev and Mrs. Fullerton; Rev and Mrs. Strong 1850-1895 B11
Sanctuary, Christmas 1990-1994 B11
Sketch of church 1970 B11
Postcards of building 1915 B11
Rev. Harlan Page undated B11
Postcards of Waltham 1900-1920 B11
Sanctuary photo 1882 B11
Castaways, George Davis, Bernard Foss, Ed Towne undated B11
Sanctuary 1939, 1882, 1900 B11
Church, Page Hall 1915, 1925 B11
Christmas services, pictures of pastors 1907 B11
Renovations, sanctuary 1994 B11
Ruth, Arnold Leland, Philip James undated B11
Church, outside, and sanctuary 1950s-1970s, 1992 B11
Weathercock steeple undated B11
Church before vinyl siding 1960s-1970s B11
Pictures of church pre-1925 undated B11
Pictures of our Pilgrim fathers undated B11
Loose photographs undated B11
3 unlabeled envelopes undated B11


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