Winthrop, Massachusetts. Union Congregational Church. Records, 1903-2011.

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Union Congregational Church (Winthrop, MA) records, 1903-2011.


Union Congregational Church (Winthrop, Mass.)




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RG 5048

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[Identification of item], in the Union Church Congregational Church (Winthrop, Mass.) records, RG 5048. The Congregational Library and Archive, Boston, MA.



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Collection accessioned by Cristina Prochilo, December 6, 2012.

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This collection has been minimally processed for access. Please contact the archivist or librarian for more information.


Union Congregational Church was formally organized in 1896 in the Point Shirley neighborhood of Winthrop, MA, later became a member of the United Church of Christ and finally closed in May of 2011. Records in this collection document the founding, life, and dissolution of the church. Note: This collection has been minimally processed for access and is available for researcher access.

Acquisition Information:

Collection donated to the Congregational Library and Archive in June 2011.

Organizational History

Union Congregational Church was formally organized in 1896 in the Point Shirley neighborhood of Winthrop, MA. Before its organization, this section of Winthrop was sparsely settled and church members had to travel to Congregational Churches in Revere or Chelsea for services. (Winthrop was at this time, still part of Chelsea). Point Shirley had a seasonal summer population boom that later helped grow its year round population. When Point Shirley was settled enough, a "Christian Church at the Beach" was formed, named Union Congregational Church. This church closed in May of 2011.


Scope of Collection

This collection contains records pertaining to the formation of the church, bylaws, Prudential Committee, Brotherhood and Women's Association records. Included in this collection are financial records, annual reports, and records of the clerk, the treasurer, registers. Also included are membership listings, baptismal records, and church social organization records.



This collection has not been arranged. The order delineated in this guide is the original order in which the records were given to the library.


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Union Congregational Church (Winthrop, Mass.)

Congregational churches - Massachusetts - Winthrop

Church buildings - Massachusetts - Winthrop


Container List

Note: These boxes came with no provided list of contents; a list was compiled at accession.

Box 1
    Clerk's Records 1931-1977
    Women's Association 1925-1931
    Register 1907
    Account Book 1937-1960
    Account Book 1917-1937
    Women's Association 1944-1949
    Record Book 1911-1926
    Treasurer 1898-1916
    The Brotherhood - Secretary's Records 1903-1904
    Prudential Committee 1937-1940
    Prudential Committee 1931-1936
    Prudential Committee 1925-1931
    Young Couples Club 1959-1961
Box 2
  Sunday School  
  UCC Winthrop  
  Annual Reports  
  UCC Investment  
  Budget 1983-1984
  Cash Flow 1982-1983
  Annual Reports - Committees  
  Bulletins 1908
  Baptisms 1954-1957
  Baptisms 1959-1960
  Women's Association Yearbooks  
  Bulletin 1996
Box 3
  History of the Union Congregational Church - 100th Anniversary 1989
  Annual Reports  
  Treasurer's Book 1993
  Treasurer's Book 1992
  Treasurer's Book 1990
  Treasurer's Book 1983-1984
  Treasurer's Book 1981
  Jubilee Pledge  
  Account Book 1977-1982
  Account Book 1942-1961
  Women's Association Minutes 1962-1965
  Women's Association Minutes 1956-1962
  Register 1978
Box 4
  Annual Reports  
  Moderator and Vice Moderator's Report 1993
  Annual Reports - MA Conference UCC  
  Transfers, Baptism Records  
  Membership List  
  Annual Reports  
  Church Bylaws  
  Investment - Stocks  
  Treasurer's Reports  
  Church Profile  
  Associate Pastor Contract  
  Church Rectory  
  Contract - Minister  
  Grant Proposal  
  Union Church - Hunger Action Fund  
  Church Secretary  
  Minister Candidates  
  Pat Brown to Chas. Briggs  
  Bank Box Contents 1992
  Sunday School Enrollment 1964-1965
  Annual Report 1972
  Church Use of Facilities  
  Women's Association Miscellaneous  
  UCC Voucher  
  Treasurer Reports  
Box 5
  Book of Remembrance  


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