Series I: Church Records

This series contains collections of church records documenting early Puritan, Congregational, and Christian (denomination) history in New England. These collections describe the founding and operating of these churches, their concerns, difficulties, and triumphs. They speak to the lives of their ministers, the events and concerns of their communities, the civil affairs of the town, and the lives of the people who sat in the pews.

In this series you will find records of: church meetings and votes; births, deaths, baptisms, and marriages; church discipline, including admonitions, confessions, censures, and excommunications; ecclesiastical council minutes. Of particular note are the personal conversion narratives, called “relations,” found in several of the collections. These documents, prepared by any individual seeking church membership, offer insight into many under-documented populations including women, children, Native Americans, slaves, and indentured servants.


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The Collections

Abington, Mass. First Congregational Church (1714-1749)

Barnstable, Mass. East Parish Church (1717-1816)

Barnstable, Mass. West Parish Church (1639-1853)

Boston, Mass. Old South Church (1669-1882)

Bradford, Mass. First Church of Christ (1682-1915)

Braintree, Mass. First Church (1697-1825)

Brockton, Mass. First Parish Congregational Church (1738-1852)
  founded as Fourth Church in Bridgewater

Brunswick, Maine. First Parish (1735-1829)

Byfield, Mass. Byfield Parish Church (1709-1845)

Cambridge, Mass. Second Church (1739)
  later First Congregational Church of Arlington

Danvers, Mass. First Church (1689-1845)

Dorchester, Mass. First Church (1727-1784)

Essex, Mass. First Congregational Church (1681-1879) NEW!
  founded as Second "Chabacco" Church in Ipswich

Falmouth, Mass. First Congregational Church (1731-1790)

Franklin, Mass. First Congregational Church (1737-1887)
  founded as Second Church in Wrentham

Georgetown, Mass. First Congregational Church (1736-1886)
  founded as Second/West Parish in Rowley

Grafton, Mass. Congregational Church (1731-1828)
  originated as Hassanimisco Plantation

Granville, Mass. First Congregational Church (1757-1848)

Hanover, Mass. First Congregational Church (1728-1800)

Haverhill, Mass. First Congregational Church (1719-1756)

Haverhill, Mass. West Parish Congregational Church (1734-1900)

Hopkinton, Mass. First Congregational Church (1708-1880)
  later Faith Community Church

Ipswich, Mass. First Parish (1724-1830)

Ipswich, Mass. South Parish (1747-1868)

Litchfield, Conn. South Farms Church (1781)

Marblehead, Mass. First Church (1684-1886)

Marblehead, Mass. Third Church (1858-1877)

Mattapoisett, Mass. Congregational Church (1736-1886)
  founded as Second Precinct in Rochester

Medway, Mass. First Church of Christ (1730-1876)

Middleboro, Mass. First Congregational Church (1707-1865)

Natick, Mass. First Congregational Church (1721-1794)

Newbury, Mass. First Church (1634-1828) NEW ITEMS!

Newton, Mass. First Church (1773-1827)

Northampton, Mass. First Church of Christ (1661-1846)

Northbridge, Mass. Centre Congregational Church (1782-1836)
  founded as the Congregational Church of Christ

Oxford, Mass. First Congregational Church (1721-1850)

Pembroke, Mass. First Parish (1711-1887)

Reading, Mass. Second Church of Christ (1720-1806)
  later First Church of North Reading

Rehoboth, Mass. First Church of Christ (1785)
  later Newman Congregational Church in East Providence, Rhode Island

Rowley, Mass. First Congregational Church (1664-1835)

Salem, Mass. South Church (1774-1805)

Salem, Mass. Tabernacle Church (1743-1850) NEW ITEMS!

Salisbury, Mass. First Church (1746)

Sanford, Maine. North Parish Congregational Church (1786-1823)
  founded when Maine was part of Massachusetts

Sheffield, Mass. First Congregational Church (1743)
  later First Congregational Church of Great Barrington

Somerset, Mass. Congregational Christian Church (1840-1912)

Stoneham, Mass. First Congregational Church (1728-1889)

Sturbridge, Mass. Congregational Church (1736-1831)

Sturbridge, Mass. Separatist Church (1749-1762)

Watertown, Mass. West Church (1709)

Wenham, Mass. First Congregational Church (1643-1847)

Wrentham, Mass. Second Church (1767)