Ipswich, Mass. South Parish

Collection History

Ipswich, first known as Agawam, was settled by John Winthrop and his twelve companions in 1633 and in 1634 the town was officially incorporated. The towns of Boxford, Hamilton, Essex and Topsfield were once part of Ipswich. The First Parish built its first meeting house in 1634. The South Church of Ipswich separated from First Church in 1747. It remained its own entity for 175 years until 1922 when the two rejoined. After the merger, they legally became known as The First and South Congregational Church. It continues to thrive today as First Church in Ipswich, MA, UCC.

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Digital Materials

Parish records, 1747-1851

This volume contains the church history of the South Parish from 1747 to 1851 and includes the minutes of parish meetings and records of votes. Included within the records are pew deeds and pew chart, the development of the meeting house, payments to church officials and minister salaries, church appointments, their relationship with the First Church, committee records, parish affairs, burial grounds records, taxes collections, and the question of music in the church.

Parish records, 1747-1868

This volume is largely a church history of the South Parish from 1747 to 1868 and includes the South Parish covenant from 1747 as well as other founding documents. Additional records include parish meeting minutes, vital statistics such as births, baptisms, admissions, and marriages along with deaths, arranged by year, and membership lists by gender.


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