Sanford, Maine. North Parish Congregational Church

Church History

North Parish Church was gathered in 1786 in South Sanford, when the territory was still part of Massachusetts. The state voted to secede from Massachusetts in 1820, and was officially recognized by the federal government as part of the Missouri Compromise that same year. The congregation built a new meetinghouse at Sanford Corner, site of the present church, in 1831. That meetinghouse was destroyed by a fire that consumed much of downtown Sanford in 1878, and the present building was dedicated a year later.

North Parish Church is now a member of the United Church of Christ. To find out what they’re up to today, visit the church's website.

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Digital Materials

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Church records 1786-1823

This short volume contains administrative and financial records of the church, as well as lists of baptisms, marriages, and deaths within the congregation.

A full transcription of this volume is available.

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