Wenham, Mass. First Congregational Church

Church History

The Congregational Church in Wenham was founded in 1644 after their first request to form a church was denied. A second request was approved and the church was formally founded in October. By 1674 the church was in its second meetinghouse and had been joined by residents from Hamilton.

The church remained largely unaffected by King Phillip's War, and in 1688 voted to build a third meetinghouse. In 1815 a Sabbath school connected to the church was established and run out of a private house; seven years later the school became a formal part of the church. The church now inhabits their fifth meetinghouse, and will celebrate their 370th anniversary in 2014.

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Digital Materials

Records 1643-1805

This volume of records contains lists of admissions, members, marriages, deaths, and baptisms. Also included are records of church meetings. Also included are records pertaining to the ministers who served the church during this period.

Church record book 1792-1847

The second volume of records contains records of deaths, marriages, baptisms, and membership records. The volume also contains records of church meetings and ecclesiastical councils which pertain to the call or dismisison of new ministers. Also included are records of correspondence, censures, admonitions, and charitable actions.

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