Explore popular research topics from Cotton Mather, to the Salem witch trials, and beyond.

The Congregational Library & Archives, with the help of scholarly contributors and staff, has created a number of useful research guides and bibliographies that showcase our unique collections and provide topical information for students, teachers, researchers, and anyone interested in the Congregational story.

Congregational Christian History: A Short and Selective Topical Bibliography

A useful and important bibliography that showcases some of the major historical works related to Congregationalism during all periods of American history.

Cotton Mather at the Congregational Library: An Annotated Bibliography

With the support of the Carnegie-Whitney Foundation and the H.W. Wilson Foundation, we have created an annotated bibliography of all books and manuscripts related to Cotton Mather, an important Enlightenment minister, in the Congregational Library & Archives' collection.

German American Congregationalism: An Annotated Bibliography

The Congregational Library & Archives has a number of primary and secondary sources related to the German Evangelical denomination and its unique place within Congregational history. Please note that many of the primary sources are German language resources.

Black and Indigenous Research Guide

Created by CLA Board member Dr. Richard J. Boles, Department of History, Oklahoma State University. This guide highlights records relating to Black and Indigenous people in early New England Congregational churches in the Congregational Library & Archives' Collections and outside resources for further research.

Plymouth's Pilgrims: A Discussion Guide and Bibliography for Children and Adults

Created by former CLA Board member, Linda Smith Rhoads, this four-part historical introduction and discussion guide, “Plymouth’s Pilgrims: Their Church, Their World, and Ours” was created in 2020 to mark the 400th anniversary of the Plymouth landing in 1620 and provides concise, accessible historical information, thoughtful discussion questions designed for children and adults, and a bibliography of resources for those who want to dig deeper into the Pilgrim story.

Pre-1821 American Sacred Music at the Congregational Library & Archives: A Bibliography

Created by Dr. Nym Cooke, a scholar of early American sacred music, this bibliography brings to the forefront the Congregational Library & Archives' unique and important collection of sacred music.