This collection contains only one series, which contains only three individual items. These are three letters, two of which are written in Hopkins' handwriting (1766 and 1767), the other (1803) is presumably dictated by Hopkins, due to age, and illness. The letters written in 1766 and 1767 are to a Mr. Ebenezer Little in Newbury Massachusetts, thanking him for his hospitality in hosting Hopkins while he preached/stayed in Newbury. The 1803 letter is addressed to a man named Fuller, who may have lived in Newport, and may have also been a congregational minister. It is likely that it was dictated by Hopkins, because it begins with describing his poor health, and then launches into a theological argument. The 1803 letter may have been a draft, due to numerous crossed out words, scrawled additions, and being unsigned.

Digital Materials

Letter to Little, 1767

The second letter from Hopkins to Little. This letter thanks Little again for his hospitality for allowing Hopkins to stay with him, and his family on his travels. Hopkins in the letter mentions the following people, Mr. Little, Mrs. Little, their daughter, and Mr. Parsons, a mutual acquaintance. Mr. Little's first name is also given on the cover of the letter as Ebenezer.