Reading, Mass. Second Church of Christ

Collection History

The town of Reading was originally settled in 1639 as an offshoot of nearby Lynn, and incorporated as a town of its own in 1644 with a church gathered the following year. By 1713, the northern part of the town had grown large enough that its residents successfully petitioned to become a separate precinct encompassing the area north of the Ipswich River. The Second Church of Christ in Reading was gathered on June 29, 1720.

The town of North Reading separated from Reading in 1853, and this church became the First Church of North Reading. The church merged with a Methodist church in 1892 to form Union Congregational Church of North Reading, as it continues today.


Digital Materials

Church records, 1720-1806

The records in this volume were kept by the church's first minister, Rev. Daniel Putnam, and his successor, Rev. Eliab Stone. Included are vital records of membership, baptisms, marriages, and disciplinary matters, as well as meeting minutes and the church's covenants from 1720 and 1781.


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