Salisbury, Mass. First Church

Collection History

First Church in Salisbury, Massachusetts was gathered in 1638, but was not known as First Church until 1714 when the town voted to gather a second meetinghouse and pastor while maintaining a single parish. Second Church was later established in 1718 in what is now Amesbury. Caleb Cushing was the fourth settled pastor of the church, ordained in 1698 and remaining until his death in 1752.

In 1802 First Church voted to allow area Methodists use of the building on a part-time basis and further voted in 1807 to allow them full-time use. In 1833 the church building was sold to the Methodists and the Congregational church disbanded, with many members joining the Methodist church. Those who did not join the Methodist church became members, instead, of various Congregational churches in Newburyport.

The records of First Church (Salisbury, Mass.) dating 1687-1921 can be found at the Massachusetts Historical Society.


Digital Materials

Account of Daniel Worster's request for reconciliation, 1746

Dated April 11, this document is the recounting of a visit made by two church members with former member Daniel Worster [sic] to Rev. Caleb Cushing, pastor of the First Church in Salisbury. Worster's purpose in visiting the pastor was to seek church disciplinary action which would allow Worster to be reinstated as a member in good standing with the church. Cushing, the document reports, denied the request based on Cushing's claim that Worster was no longer a subscriber of the church and therefore the church had no authority over him.

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